Our Team

This toolkit resulted from the expertise, knowledge and dedication of a large group of people who contributed to its content. We wish to thank the following people for their support:

David Allaway, Oregon DEQ, Workgroup Co-Chair
Shannon Davis, EPA Region 9, Workgroup Co-Chair
Jennifer Brady, US EPA
Madalyn Cioci, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
John Davis, Mohave Desert and Mountain Recycling Association
Mark Gagliardi, City of Oakland
Michelle Gaither, Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Center
Brian Helmowski, CalRecycle
Timonie Hood, EPA Region 9
Shizuka Hsieh, US EPA
Tom Huetteman, EPA Region 9
Sego Jackson, Snohomish County
Chris Jones, University of California at Berkeley
Evan Johnson, EPA Region 10, Intern Extraordinaire
Debra Kaufman, StopWaste
Gary Liss, Zero Waste International Alliance
Meg Lynch, Metro (Portland)
Josh Marx, King County
Demetra McBride, Santa Clara County
Calla Ostrander, City of San Francisco
Bill Sheehan, Product Policy Institute
Eileen Sheehan, EPA Region 9
Ted Sheldon, B.C. Ministry of Environment
Jill Simmons, City of Seattle
Saskia Van Gendt, EPA Region 9