The City of San Francisco GHG emissions were approximately 9.1 million tons of eCO2 in 1990. In 2004, the city's reduction target was set at 20% below 1990 by 2012. San Francisco's climate action plan targets actions that will give a projected 2,614,000 MMCO2e reduction. The solid waste actions in this CAP are projected to contribute almost 12% of this reduction. The reduction contributions were calculated using ICLEI software that are based on U.S. EPA research.
The San Francisco actions include:
  1. Increase residential recycling and composting: 70,000 tons/yr (154,000 tons recyclable diverted and 68,781 compostables diverted) The city of SF passed an ordinance requiring mandatory residential recycling and composting. The city's Fantastic 3 program provides residents with 3 bins to sort materials into organics, recyclable materials and non-recyclable materials.
  2. Increase commercial recycling and composting: 109,000 tons/yr
  3. Expand Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling 57,000 tons/yr
  4. Support Alternate Collection Methods for Recycling Materials 66,000 tons/yr